CVS Exposed: "U" Street CVS vs. "Howard" CVS . . . just 3 blocks down the street

For the 3rd year a coalition and dedicated students are determined to free the condoms from CVS's that lock up condoms in to put it bluntly ONLY in poor, black neighborhoods in the District. If they don't literally lock them up CVS makes it pretty difficult/annoying/embarrassing to purchase the condoms. A team of 11 women are set out to say "Mr. Tom Ryan, CEO of CVS unlock your condoms!!!!!" It is amoral for a company who preaches that they "give back" to their community:
CVS Caremark giving programs are widespread. They reach infants and the elderly. They help students and mothers, children and grandparents. They engage people from all walks of life in almost every community we serve. Our programs are developed and carefully focused in order to reflect the diversity of the communities in which our stores and facilities are located. With a primary focus on children with disabilities and healthcare for the uninsured, CVS Caremark has become an active participant in helping people live better lives through enhanced healthcare services, improved approaches to education, and healthier communities in which to live.

Interesting mission statement especially in regards to DC where the HIV/AIDS rate is at the very least alarming- DC Department of Health HIV/AIDS Statistics 2007 one would think CVS would at the very least make buying condoms as easy as possible. Store associates even told me that in their various stores they loose the most money in face creams/wash/body wash NOT condoms. .
Here is an example of a store on "U" Street in DC that is not locked up:

Walk down a few blocks to the CVS by Howard Univesity and this is what you will find:

What was interesting was that the Jumbo Condom pack of 36 was not in a "Click Box" which you will be able to watch below is loud, embarrassing and frankly if two educated grad students had a hard time figuring out (and to be honest- I still can't- it was my friend that finally mastered it) how to use it- it seems like others might as well. It also got jammed up fairly easy! I love the image above

Is that suppose to be some kind of threat? I didn't see that over by where they had the febreeze wet jet pads locked up
(which leaves more questions than answers. . . )

Save Lives Free the Condoms PSA