People will talk if they know what to say

Here are some more links to articles that were written about the issue--and only only in DC, bur around the country too!

DC Health Officials Say Condom Lock-Up Could Create Barrier to Access, Discourage Use

Students Make the Case to Bring Condoms from Behind the Locks at CVS

Condoms Get Their Own Protection

And it's happening in Milwaukee too!

And Arizona...

It has to stop...

Condom locking in the Washington Post

So, like I said, this campaign has been around for a while. We've staged demonstrations outside of CVS stores and the city council, and we have tried to get CVS to talk to us about WHY they keep locking up condoms.

In order for this issue to stop, MORE people need to know that it's happening. More people need to be upset and complain. And MORE people need to let CVS know that we are not going to allow this kind of discrimination to continue in our city.

Here's a story that was published in the Washington Post about it in 2006. Just need a few more dozen articles like this and we'll be golden...or maybe an appearance on Oprah...


Saving Lives PSA

Watch it again and again:

Save Lives: Free the Condoms PSA

Spread it around...

A real vs imagined health disparity...

So, the CDC agrees with us...there's a real health disparity with insurance.

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CVS Exposed: 2530 Virginia Avenue or "The Watergate" CVS vs. 661 Pennsylvania Avenue SE or "Eastern Market"


2530 Virginia Avenue, NW: Ward 2
Serves the infamous Watergate and The George Washington University- in fact it is the ONLY grocery store in the entire area. . . is CVS claiming that College students don't steal?
661 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE: Ward 6
Eastern Market

At the Watergate this shampoo and conditioner is being sold:

Why aren't these items in a "Click box?"
It seems "easy" to steal. . . managers of all stores for good reasons have expressed to me that shampoo's, conditioners, body washes, face creams are the hot commodity . . . looks like we need a PRICE CHECK ON AISLE TWO!

Then a short metro ride to Southeast DC you can find this. . .

CVS claims that even though they put their condoms in these click boxes that people still have easy access to condoms. . . .
ACCESS??? Maybe. . .
Well Stocked?? Clearly NOT!!!!!

A little video of the "click box" I know I like to bring attention to myself when I am buying personal items- especially if I am young, embarrassed, or illiterate . . .

CVS Exposed: 2240 "M" Street NW or the "Ritz Carlton" CVS vs. Road Island Avenue NE CVS


Ritz Carlton, NW: Ward 2
White Neighborhood
Road Island Avenue, NE: Ward 5
Black Neighborhood

Stay tuned

We're gearing up for a great fall of activism and condom free-ing...so stay tuned!

Save Lives Free the Condoms PSA