San Diego under lock down

Seems that the condom locking was also happening in San Diego...


Pharmacies--too much autonomy?

I know this isn't about condoms being locked up, but it's definitely related to pharmacies, and I'm shocked that as a rule this pharmacy doesn't sell birth control of any kind.

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CVS--your money comes from your pharmacy, not your condoms

One reason commonly cited as the reason that CVS feels the need to lock up its condoms is that they are commonly stolen. Well, we've already refuted that argument, but here's another portion of that piece that...

"About 70 percent of the revenue at CVS/pharmacy is generated from its pharmacy — it fills one in seven prescriptions in the United States and one in five within its own markets."

Interesting...still no mention of condoms...

Here's the whole article.

Infant formula, but not condoms

As it turns out, there ARE some really expensive things that are being stolen from CVS....infant formula being one of them. Containers of Similac are being stolen in some CVS stores and at prices of $13.99-$75 a can, this makes perfect sense. They're high price items, easy to steal for personal use or resell on the street. However, condoms don't even come CLOSE to the same price bracket as these. And as we know from my previous post, are not stolen as often as Similac cans.

Looks like the argument that condoms are being locked up because of theft is wearing thin...

Top 50 Shoplifted Items...

Organized Retail Theft
Most Frequently Shoplifted Items in Rank Order

Advil tablet 50 ct
Advil tablet 100 ct
Aleve caplet 100 ct
EPT Pregnancy Test single
Gillette Sensor 10 ct
Kodak 200 24 exp
Similac w/iron powder - case
Similac w/iron powder - single can
Preparation H 12 ct
Primatene tablet 24 ct
Sudafed caplet 24 ct
Tylenol caplet 100 ct
Advil caplet 100 ct
Aleve caplet 50 ct
Correctol tablet 60 ct
Excedrin tablet 100 ct
Gillette Sensor/Excel 10 ct
Gillette Sensor 15 ct
Monistat 3
Preparation H Ointment 1 oz
Similac w/iron concentrate 13 oz
Tavist-D decongestant tablet 16 ct
Trojan ENZ 12 ct
Tylenol gelcap 50 ct
Tylenol gelcap 100 ct
Tylenol tablet 100 ct
Vagistat 1
Advil caplet 50 ct
Advil gelcap 50 ct
Advil gelcap 24 ct
Advil tablet 50 ct
Aleve tablet 50 ct
Anacin tablet 100 ct
Centrum tablet 60 ct
DayQuil liquicaps 20 ct
Dimetap tablet 12 ct
Duracell AA 4 pk
Ecotrin tablet 100 ct
Ecotrin tablet 60 ct
Energizer AA 4 pk
Excedrin tablet 50 ct
Femstat 3 app
Gillette Atra 10 ct
Gyne-Lotrimin 3 app
Monistat 7
Motrin caplet 50 ct
Motrin tablet 24 ct
Oil of Olay 4 oz
Preparation H Ointment 2 oz
Schick Tracer FX 10 ct
Gillette Sensor/Women 10 ct
Sudafed tablet 24 ct
Visine drops 1 oz

The only condoms on the list...Trojan ENZ 12 ct, comes in at a measly 23....but correct me if I'm wrong...the top 22 items on this list are for the most part NOT locked up in CVS stores...now that doesn't make sense to me at all.


CVS Exposed: 6 Dupont Circle/ 1637 "P" Street, NW vs. 320 40th Street, NE

Dupont Circle:

It makes sense that a $189 dollar fertility test would be behind a counter if loss prevention was in mind- it is nearly $200!!! That makes "cents"

Then head on over to Northeast. . . .
Business as usual. . . click boxes and lock & key for "THOSE" people as one employee at a CVS stated.

More loss prevention. . . which again makes sense- Oil of Olay® and preventing AIDS two very separate issues.

CVS Exposed: 1100 New Jersey Ave, SE or "Navy Yard" CVS vs. 1500 "K" Street, NW or the "White House" CVS

As you might have guessed by now (particularly located by the White House) the CVS by the White House:

Navy Yard. . . . green line to Branch Avenue, Southeast:

But what I found that was the most disturbing was that the red bar at the bottom where it "instructs" you how to use the click box, it can also fold up to say the following:
So basically when this bar is folded up you cannot "push" to click the box open- I would not have known that. . . I did "see the cashier for assistance" and he was totally put out. . he said" oh well that is not suppose to be up!"

My basic opinion is. . if it wasn't suppose to be "up" then why was it placed on the box in the first place? Again another barrier to make condoms less accessible.

At least at the Navy Yard location the pregnancy tests were not under lock and key. . . we thank you for that CVS!

Save Lives Free the Condoms PSA