CVS to start offering mini-spas

Ok, so, this just seems inane. In one area of our city, the customers are going to be offered even more high end beauty products and a mini-spa treatment...whereas 5 miles away, in another part of our city, the customers have to ask for their condoms to be unlocked for them...along with lots of other merchandise. This just doesn't add up.

CVS to open mini-spa service stores

CVS to launch Beauty 360 to offer mini-manicures in stores adjacent to pharmacies

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - CVS Caremark Corp. said Monday it would open new beauty products stores next to its pharmacies that offer quick-service spa services.

CVS said its new Beauty 360 stores will employ licensed professionals trained to do mini-manicures, express facials, hand massages and make-up.

The first Beauty 360 to open is at CVS's Dupont Circle store in Washington, D.C. A second one will open next month in Mission Viejo, Calif. Those locations will sell brands such as Canyon Ranch, Clarins Fragrance, Elizabeth Arden Fragrance, Ahava, Borba and others.

The company is looking at other potential markets for 2009 launch.

Save Lives Free the Condoms PSA